Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the mend

It appears as though the drama from last week is finally coming to an end. No question that we were hit with a double-whammy last week between the viral rash and teething. We're still battling teething issues, but honestly, I'll take it any day over the symptoms of a nasty rash.

One tooth finally cut through on Friday (right top outer tooth-in between the Eye tooth and center tooth) and another one is just about to bust through. She isn't feeling 100% because of this tooth - there is a blister over her gum, so I suspect it will come through within the next couple of days.

I bought some Orajel night time medicine and it definitely seems to be doing the trick at night. Last week was worse than having a newborn in terms of the lack of sleep we were getting, so if it's the Orajel that is doing the trick, I'll keep applying it until the tooth comes through!

I'm looking forward to a good drama-free week! ;)


  1. Girl - I feel your pain. My 16 mo. old is cutting 5 teeth right now, and two of them are molars. We have suddenly found ourselves in a sleep deprived hell. Every night when her motrin wears off and she cries, Hubs says "What's her problem?" Her problem is she is cutting too many teeth at one time!!!!

    I keep reminding myself that by the time she is two this teeth cutting business will be over ;)

  2. Carol - I am so sorry to hear that. I really thought people exaggerated how bad teething was until we went through it last week. I hope they cut soon for you!