Monday, November 22, 2010

The Illness Spreads...

Well, thankfully, Miss Katie is doing 1000% better compared to this time last week. The flu seems to be gone, the runny nose has tapered off, and her good spirits are back at last. But, now I am sick. In bed. With the chills and a massive sinus headache. Turns out, I now have a "very, very, very bad sinus infection". But, this blog isn't about me, so we'll just leave it at that! :)

The good news is that Katie is on the mend, her Grandmother, Aunt and an Uncle are coming to visit in two days for Thanksgiving weekend, and her make-up birthday party is on Saturday. As long as I can get some meds in me, I should be good as new by Thanksgiving Day. And, if not, at least I have family to take care of the munchkin while I eat my turkey dinner in bed. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Flu

Our poor little monkey has a case of The Flu. Apparently her birthday illness was a tad bit more than just a "virus" as the doctor stated on Monday morning. She seemed to be on the mend, attended day care the past couple of days, but then I received a call late yesterday afternoon from the Director, letting me know she had a fever of 101.8.

I picked her up, came home and she seemed to be OK - albeit a little tired. I put her to bed around 7:30 and she slept fine all night. Now, the past couple of mornings, she has been VERY snotty whenever I have gotten her out of her crib, so I was expecting another round of wiping the nose, suctioning, etc. What I wasn't expecting, however, was to walk in and discover that Katie's sheets were smeared with blood - apparently, she got a bloody nose at some point in the night/early morning. Her face had blood smeared all over it, her hair was crusty from the blood, and her sheets, mattress pad and crib rail cover were also stained.

I was HORRIFIED. Given that I saw the blood before I saw her face (she was still sort of lying down), I freaked. I started yelling. DH thought she had died. Honestly, it was a scene out of a very, very bad movie.

Just to err on the safe side, I called the doctor to see if we needed to do anything before our 8:30 appointment, but she told me no - this was perfectly normal. It's cold outside, dry inside, and a blood vessel obviously popped. She also reassured me that what I saw was a lot worse than what it really was.

I took her to the doctor an hour later, and immediately she wanted to do a flu test - sure enough, it was positive. Of course, it's too late to really treat her, so we are going to let it run its course. Thankfully, despite having a head full of snot, she is doing very well. Not too cranky.

Is the week over yet?

Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Birthday: A Bust

Dear Katie,

Everyone told us before we had kids that we must learn to be flexible and understand that nothing - I mean, nothing - will go as planned. Whoever those people were, they were right.

Oddly enough, as your 1st birthday was approaching, we decided that we weren't going to have a BIG party. You don't know the difference, and we didn't feel the need to have an actual party to celebrate the fact that a) you turned a year old and b) we made it through the first year unscathed. But, as the day got closer, we started to change our mind. Before I knew it, within a day or two notice, we had invited several friends to stop by for a slice of pizza and some cupcakes.

Grandma M flew in Friday night to celebrate with you - she wasn't able to be here for the birth, so we thought it was fitting she come for your 1st birthday. Your Great Aunt B was planning to stop by, and so were a few of your "Kappa" Aunts and some other friends.

Saturday morning, I was shocked to wake up to the sound of you crying. For starters, it was 7 am - much to early for you to be up, and second, it was much to early for you to be crying. I walked into your room to see you standing there just sobbing, with the biggest tears streaming down your face. I picked you up, and as you put your head on my shoulder, I felt that the back of your head was on fire. Sure enough, you had a 102.5 fever, and were downright miserable.

Needless to say, your 1st birthday party was canceled, and you spent the entire weekend laying in our arms. I have to say, as your Mother, I loved it (for selfish reasons). You were so loving and just wanted to be held. You slept in my arms, you slept in Daddy's arms and you slept in Grandma's arms.

Thankfully, almost 60 hours later, you are feeling better. Fever is gone and you will be headed back to daycare in the morning (knock on wood). And, now, Daddy and I will plan a party do-over for in which you will be able to wear your #1 onesie and your hot pink tutu!

Again, Happy Birthday, pumpkin!


Taken on your actual birthday - with your pants off. Classy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Katie!!!

Dear Katie,

One year ago today, Daddy and I walked into the hospital and just a few short hours later, you arrived. You were, and still are, perfect. This entire week, I have been asking myself and everyone around me where the time has gone. One year. 365 days. How has it just flown by with a blink of the eye?

One year ago, we were trying to figure out how to hold you, how to feed you, how to change you, how to bathe you, figure out what your cries meant, and so much more. We were filled with more emotions than you can possibly imagine, and couldn't believe how lucky we were.

Today, we look at you and still just shake our head with disbelief. How did we get so lucky to have a baby who is as loving, funny, smart, (dramatic) and just plain adorable? You have taught us about love and patience, and I can't imagine everything else you are going to teach us in the years to come.

One year ago today, you slept and ate. Today, you smile, laugh, crawl all over the place, love to hug all of your stuffed animals, love to hug us, love going to the store and looking at everyone walking by, love pointing to the dog and to lights, make attempts to say "hoo hoo" when you look at the owl picture hanging on your wall, say "mama", "dada" and "up". You no longer drink milk out of a bottle (except for early in morning), you eat basically anything we will eat, and as of this week - you no longer want to be rocked before bed.

We love you more than anything!

Happy Birthday, sweat pea, pumpkin, monkey (bear), baby.

We love you!