Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Birthday: A Bust

Dear Katie,

Everyone told us before we had kids that we must learn to be flexible and understand that nothing - I mean, nothing - will go as planned. Whoever those people were, they were right.

Oddly enough, as your 1st birthday was approaching, we decided that we weren't going to have a BIG party. You don't know the difference, and we didn't feel the need to have an actual party to celebrate the fact that a) you turned a year old and b) we made it through the first year unscathed. But, as the day got closer, we started to change our mind. Before I knew it, within a day or two notice, we had invited several friends to stop by for a slice of pizza and some cupcakes.

Grandma M flew in Friday night to celebrate with you - she wasn't able to be here for the birth, so we thought it was fitting she come for your 1st birthday. Your Great Aunt B was planning to stop by, and so were a few of your "Kappa" Aunts and some other friends.

Saturday morning, I was shocked to wake up to the sound of you crying. For starters, it was 7 am - much to early for you to be up, and second, it was much to early for you to be crying. I walked into your room to see you standing there just sobbing, with the biggest tears streaming down your face. I picked you up, and as you put your head on my shoulder, I felt that the back of your head was on fire. Sure enough, you had a 102.5 fever, and were downright miserable.

Needless to say, your 1st birthday party was canceled, and you spent the entire weekend laying in our arms. I have to say, as your Mother, I loved it (for selfish reasons). You were so loving and just wanted to be held. You slept in my arms, you slept in Daddy's arms and you slept in Grandma's arms.

Thankfully, almost 60 hours later, you are feeling better. Fever is gone and you will be headed back to daycare in the morning (knock on wood). And, now, Daddy and I will plan a party do-over for in which you will be able to wear your #1 onesie and your hot pink tutu!

Again, Happy Birthday, pumpkin!


Taken on your actual birthday - with your pants off. Classy.

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  1. Poor Katie!! But her picture is so cute. And you got her to hold up a one! Adorable!