Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Double Ear Infection

Dear Katie,

You poor little monkey, you. This week has not been a good one for anyone in our family, between a death in the family and, now, you have a double ear infection. Nothing like being a little overachiever - forget just having one ear infected, but you had to go and have two!

When I picked you up from daycare yesterday afternoon, your fever was 102.6, but just a short while later, it was already up to 103.6. Mommy was scared!!! To me, that just seems so high, but the doctor just gave you some Motrin, checked your ears and sent us on our way.

Sometimes, I have wondered this week if you have sensed that Mommy has been very sad because you have been extra loving this week. You even fell asleep on my chest on Monday afternoon - something you rarely even did as a newborn. It was just what I needed, as I am going through a rough time this week, grieving over the death of your Great Grandfather.

Your Grandmother is coming to visit you tonight and will be taking care of you this weekend. It's Mommy and Daddy's first time away from you. I'm sad that we are leaving you here, but I'd rather you get better than drag you on a 14-hour round trip car ride!

Feel better sweet pea!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drying Up Milk

I honestly never thought that quitting breastfeeding would be such a hassle. Especially because I planned it out SO well and dragged it out for 4-5 weeks before I completely threw in the towel. Well, it's been 8.5 days since I stopped all together and I am in more pain that I was this time last week (and, I thought that was bad!!).

I finally called the Lactation Department at Northside Hospital a short while ago just to get some advice. Here is what the consultant had to say:

One, I have sort of screwed things up by expressing some milk - even though it's literally been just a few drops a day, that's actually enough to send a signal to my body to start re-producing milk again. It's as though my body is saying, "OK, I see what you are REALLY don't want to stop, so I am going to help you out and make more milk." The second thing is that it isn't helping matters that Katie is a snuggler. As ridiculous as that sounds, the fact that she likes to lay her head on my chest at certain times, makes my body want to produce milk. It's just like how when she was a newborn, all I had to do was hear her cry, and the milk would "let down".

I'm looking at another 2-2.5 weeks before the milk is completely dried up, so I'm headed to the store shortly to stock up on more cabbage leaves and Tylenol/Advil. In addition, I'm going to start using cold compresses as much as I can. She said this, out of everything, really helped ease the pain for her daughter.

Oh, what a woman goes through to have a baby...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

9 months old... + a few days

Dear Katie,

I'm a couple days late on this post - hopefully you will forgive me. I actually have a very good excuse as to why I have been behind. It's called taking care of YOU! :)

Last Thursday, you turned 9 months old! Three quarters of a year since you came into this world, and I can 100%, honestly say that I don't know what the world would be like without you in it. You are growing into not only the most beautiful little girl, but you are becoming as smart as a whip. Here are just a few of the things that you have started to do over the past month:

*As of August 14th, I have stopped breastfeeding you all together, so you are now 100% on formula.

*You absolutely LOVE to drink water out of the sippy cup. Water. A 9-month-old who loves water. You're definitely our child!

*You started to eat "adult" foods here and there, along with your pureed baby food. Foods have included: cheerios, saltine crackers, gold fish, bread, toast, peaches, bananas, cheese (lots and lots of cheese), cheese ravioli, cheese tortellini (see what I mean?), pasta salad, black olives (weirdo), rice, deli meat, graham cracker (your eyes lit up the one time I gave you one) and Jell-o (it slipped out of your mouth).

*You are starting to make the transition from drinking your formula in a bottle to drinking it in a sippy cup.

*This past week, you started eating the school breakfast and lunch (so far, just toast and peaches).

*You have completely mastered crawling.

*You literally want to pull up on anything and everything in sight, whether it's Mommy or Daddy, Tungsten, the barstools, the couch, your crib/dresser/nightstand, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, your Jumperoo.

*The door stopper is your most favorite "toy" right now, along with the drum set I bought you from Goodwill (remember what I told you - you should always bargain shop!).

*When you wake up, you now not only stand up in your crib, but you apparently think you are a beaver and are trying to eat your way through the crib (note to self: buy a plastic guard to cover the rails).

*While standing, you have let go of the wall you were holding onto and stood by yourself for 3-4 seconds before sitting.

*You have attended 4 classes at Gymboree and absolutely love it. The teacher, Amber, has nicknamed you the "resident dancer" because you LOVE to dance in my arms when the music is on.

*You laugh ALL of the time. OK, maybe not ALL of the time, but it's pretty darn close!

*You are down to 2 naps a day (please stay like this for a while!!) - roughly at 10 and 2.

*Most nights, you sleep from 7:30 pm - 6:45 am.

*You got 2 more teeth in the past month - the outer top two (it looks like you have fangs!).

I'm looking forward to seeing how much you change from 9 months to 10...I am sure that there will be a lot happening!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yoga: Then and now

Dear Katie,

Last night I attended my first yoga class since I delivered you. While you were in my belly, growing away, I took a handful of prenatal yoga classes at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs. It was such a great way for me to relax, talk to other soon-to-be moms and, of course, stretch! One thing that I always found fascinating with prenatal yoga is that I could really spend some quiet time meditating and thinking about the fact that you were there, growing, inside of me.

Since I had you, I have had a very hard time grasping this idea that one day you were inside me, and now here you are. Live in person. Yes, obviously, I can look at you and remember being pregnant, but for some reason I don't associate YOU being inside of my belly.

Well, last night, it finally hit me. We were getting near the end of class, and the instructor was encouraging people to get into "shoulder stand". I moved into position and as I was trying to focus on my breathing, I realized that my belly (no longer big and round) was right there near my face. As I took a breath in, I had this flashback to the last time I had been in that very room, in that very same position, when you were inside me. It was weird - it finally resonated with me and it took "shoulder stand" for me to FINALLY get it.

I came out of the position and rested for a little bit before packing up and heading home. I honestly couldn't get home fast enough to see your precious face. As soon as I saw you, I just looked at you and shook my head in amazement. It's truly a miracle that one day you were inside me and now you are here. Live in person.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gymboree Classes

Dear Katie,

Recently I signed you up for (4) 45-minute classes at a little baby gym called "Gymboree". This past Saturday was our second visit, and you had an absolute blast. The teacher, named Amber (not to confuse her with your Aunt), leads the class. She sings songs to you and all of the other babies, arranges various activities with the group, and then she gives you a little time to explore the room on your own.

Last weekend was our first experience at a place like this, and I have to say that you seemed a little overwhelmed. You didn't really interact with any of the other babies and just wanted to sit and watch everyone. This week was a completely different story! You explored, played with the toys, tried playing with a couple kids and, often times, squealed with delight during song time.

I took a couple videos and showed them to you this afternoon. I guess it was the first time you have seen yourself in action (in video)! You were FASCINATED watching yourself. You bounced up and down in my lap and started to laugh...too cute.

Enjoy your videos!