Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gymboree Classes

Dear Katie,

Recently I signed you up for (4) 45-minute classes at a little baby gym called "Gymboree". This past Saturday was our second visit, and you had an absolute blast. The teacher, named Amber (not to confuse her with your Aunt), leads the class. She sings songs to you and all of the other babies, arranges various activities with the group, and then she gives you a little time to explore the room on your own.

Last weekend was our first experience at a place like this, and I have to say that you seemed a little overwhelmed. You didn't really interact with any of the other babies and just wanted to sit and watch everyone. This week was a completely different story! You explored, played with the toys, tried playing with a couple kids and, often times, squealed with delight during song time.

I took a couple videos and showed them to you this afternoon. I guess it was the first time you have seen yourself in action (in video)! You were FASCINATED watching yourself. You bounced up and down in my lap and started to laugh...too cute.

Enjoy your videos!


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