Wednesday, May 12, 2010

6 Months Old

Dear Katie,

I'm at a loss for words. Today you turned 6 months old. I could have sworn I just wrote about you turning 5 months old, and now here it is already one month later. You've changed so much in the past month. You have started to develop quite the personality and I am fascinated to watch as it continues to change day-by-day.

In the past month, you have hit several milestones. The biggest, I would say, is that you have gone from having no teeth to suddenly having two bottom teeth! WOW! You continue to check out your hands, but suddenly they are not as interesting to you as your feet are. I have noticed just in the past couple of days, that you have started to put your feet in your mouth - primarily when you are laying in your crib.

We have upgraded you from only 1 tablespoon/day of oatmeal to 5-6 tablespoons! Every day, around 11:00-11:30, you have 3 tbs of oatmeal...and, around 6-6:30, you have 2-3 tbs of oatmeal ALONG with a little bit of baby food. This week, we introduced you to green beans, and tonight when you polished off the jar, I brought out a jar of peas. You gobbled them right up! My good little eater! :)

These days, you have little interest in going in your swing, but instead you continue to love to play on your mat and could spend hours bouncing in your jumperoo! Once you got the hang of it, now you want to bounce all of the time!

Another major milestone you hit in the past month is that you now roll over from your back to your stomach - and suddenly you LOVE tummy time! You love it so much that you started sleeping on your stomach two nights ago...and freaked Mommy and Daddy out in the process! But, we've now grown accustomed to this new habit of yours and, personally, I think you sleep better in this position!

6 honestly cannot get over it. You're growing up fast...slow down, will ya?



  1. Katie is so cute! I agree with slowing down on the growing up part. It happens way too fast. I wish we could keep them little for a lot longer... Next thing we know they will be teenagers who hate us!

  2. Thanks Joanna! You are so right - I wish I could just bottle up the "love" right now so I can then use it 15 years from now when there isn't any! ;)

  3. She is so adorable!!

    I agree on the slowing down. HOW can we make this happen??