Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grandma Comes to Visit!

Dear Katie,

You have just had a whole slew of visitors lately - Grandma C, Nana S and this weekend Grandma M! How much fun you have had with everyone. Your mommy gets such a kick out of watching you with each person and to see how you "take" to them. Even better, I love how each person gets to see you hit a different developmental milestone. This past weekend, Grandma M got to see you sit up by yourself for the first time! Now, we can't necessarily get up and walk away because I am sure you will just topple over, but you do seem to stay sitting upright by yourself for quite some time!

You and Grandma got to visit the Georgia Aquarium for the first time and you both just loved it! I will say that if we ever decide to go again, we will get there early in the morning. There were just way too many people, but regardless, we had a blast!

Afterward, we took you to see your Great Aunt B. You rolled all over the place, showed everyone how you love to sit up and bounce and we walked around the garden so I could show you all of the flowers.

You'll get to see Grandma M in about 5 weeks and will have to save any new tricks until then...okay?


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