Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Am I really pregnant?

I know this is a ridiculous question. I've taken 2 at-home pregnancy tests, I've had blood work done, and I've seen this little Smyrna Baby on screen with it's fast-beating heart. Yet, I still question everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as thankful as can be that I feel this good, but I can't help but want to have a few symptoms. You would think that my various body parts taking on new shapes would be good enough, but apparently not.

I count down the days until I can see this little one swimming around on screen again, in hopes that then I will once again realize it's really happening. For now, I'll continue to stare at our little Smyrna Baby, floating upside down (and backwards), on my laptop screen, or in the picture I now carry around with me everywhere I go, while I wait to feel him/her move...


  1. You are so blessed to not have the "sickness", but I understand the need to feel comforted by symptoms. Remember how sick Jody was? I was as well with both of my kids, but the drugs helped me so much! Before too long you'll be feeling your little one kick you, punch you and stick his/her little feet under your ribs! :) Congratulations again!

  2. I actually have thought about Jody a million different times - I can't even imagine. Trust me, I am as thankful as ever that I have felt this good. Let's just hope it lasts!