Saturday, May 23, 2009

One piece of furniture down...

One major accomplishment today - the crib has been ordered! They said we should expect for it to arrive within 2-4 weeks, but err on the side of 2 weeks instead of 4. WOW! We're going to break down the bed that is currently in that room, and try to get it sold ASAP.

I stopped at TJ Maxx Home Goods today to just browse the aisles, and came across a picture that very closely resembled one we saw at Precious Cargo. It included all of the colors we want for the nursery - browns and greens. Why I didn't just buy it, I don't know - it was only a measly $8, while the one at the baby store was close to $100! When we went there this afternoon, I realize it was literally the same picture, just framed differently. I guess I know where I will be going tomorrow...

It's starting to become a *little* bit more real.

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