Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Storm

If any of you know me, you know that I love weather drama. There is just something about the excitement around potential storms, the way everyone starts gathering around the water cooler (so to speak) to talk about it, etc, that just gets me super excited. Well, I asked for weather drama, and boy did I get my fair share of it!

Last Sunday night, a snow "storm" came through Atlanta and brought us 4-5" of snow, and now 5 days later we are still dealing with large amounts of ice around the city. Thankfully, tomorrow will be the first day it reaches above freezing for more than an hour and all remaining ice is expected to melt. On top of that, tomorrow will be my first real work day in a week!

Despite being housebound for several days, I managed to get an extra 3 days of vacation time at home - best of all, with Katie! During the days, it was primarily just the two of us and we had a really good time playing around the house. I had to get a little creative with our activities...hence, the "spoon game".

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