Monday, January 10, 2011

Katie's First REAL Snow Day!

Welcome to the Snowstorm of 2011!! We have had quite the 24 hours here in the Atlanta area - 4-5" of snow - something the South is not accustomed to! Last night, around 9, it started to snow and by early this morning we had just over 4" on our back deck. Some areas nearby had closer to 6-6.5" of snow! Unfortunately, the sleet moved in and the top layer of snow quickly turned to ice.

We were stuck inside pretty much all day, with the exception of a walk the three of us took up to the Market Village area. So fun to get out, walk down the middle of the road (everything was closed down), and get Katie in the snow.

She wasn't a huge fan - it was more her speed to sit in the stroller and just look at it instead! Hopefully next year she will want to get out and play for a little bit.

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