Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Week Appointment...With Another Lecture

Man, these male doctors like to give me hell about weight gain. Going into this pregnancy, if I had to guess, I would've honestly thought any issues that would arise would be centered around the lack of weight gain - not that I am gaining too much. The part that is so frustrating is that, with the exception of one doctor (recently), no one seems to pay attention to my total weight gain, which is a whopping 22 lbs (at 30 weeks and 1 day). Each of them zone in on the fact that from week-to-week I seem to be gaining more than the average 1 lb/week. Of course, they ignore the fact that I lost 1 lb from Week 26-28. As I told Smyrna Dad, it gives me a complex on some level, although I won't change my habits just because of a few comments from a doctor I don't have a relationship with.

Other than the lecture as I was walking out the door, he said that everything looked good. He seemed a little bothered that Smyrna baby's head is not all the way down, and made a note in my file that the baby is "breach". I asked when the baby should be in position and he said at 32-34 weeks. OK, well what is the big deal then? I am 30 weeks!!

Blood Pressure was perfect - 100/60 and I am measuring 31cm, which is right on track for someone at 30 weeks.

We'll see what happens in another two weeks. Now I am just hoping I come in at 2lbs or under just so I won't get a lecture or get my hand slapped for the 3rd time!

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