Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am 2 Months Old Today

From Katie:

"Today I turned 2 months old! Mommy likes to tell me stories about what she was doing on this day 2 months ago. I keep wondering if she is going to do this every single month of my life because I can already recite the story by memory.

In the past month, I have started to "talk" - it's really my own secret language that no one else can understand, and I love it! My mommy and daddy always talk back to me, but I don't really know what they are saying. Why can't they speak my language?

I've also really started to like my activity mat and changing table pad - mommy and daddy put me on there and I love to kick, punch, squirm and...well...talk! They like to put me on my tummy sometimes, and even though I cry (and sometimes scream bloody murder), they don't seem to get the point that I really do NOT like it!! I wish they would get the point.

My biggest accomplishment is that I have started to sleep through the night!! Auntie Julia tells me that most babies can't do that at my age - especially 8 hours and 15 minutes like I did last night. I am obviously very well advanced and more talented than most babies. HAHA! Just kidding! I hope my mommy and daddy know that this isn't going to last. Just as they start to get comfortable, I am planning on changing up my routine on them. You have to keep these people on their toes.

Well, my mommy says it's bath time...something I LOVE!

Come back next month to hear what all I have been up to."

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