Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Perfect Winter Day

The Little Katie Bug and I are, for the most part, hanging out indoors today - on this rather chilly and even snowy January day. She is hanging out in her pack 'n play - was napping, but is now awake, and I am sitting here in the peace and quiet, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow flurries come down.

We made a trip to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon because it appears as though the little one has the start of her first head cold. After seeing some nice stuff come out of her nose the other night, and hearing gurgly noises in her throat, we felt it was best to see what the doctor thought. Sure enough, as Smyrna Mama expected, it is a possible cold. A very, very mild one at that.

So, after running a couple errands with me this morning, she is all snug as a bug in the warm toasty indoors...

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