Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Call me crazy!

Well, I never in a million years thought I would be saying this, but Katie is sleeping in her first...are you ready...cloth diaper!!! I also never thought I would be so excited (and confused) about something, but I am. I don't remember exactly how this all started, but several months ago I started following a few different people on Twitter who are not only new moms, but also women who tweeted about their love for cloth diapering. Slowly, I became intrigued by the idea. Not only could I save money, but I could do something positive for the environment.

Naturally, I thought that cloth diapering was like the "olden days" where there was a white cloth diaper, two monstrous safety pins and a toilet involved. Little did I know that the world of cloth diapers has been modernized. Not only is there no more toilet dunking, but the choices/styles are endless. Compare what used to be just strictly Hanes White Women's Underwear to the current world of thongs, bikini briefs and boy shorts - all in a variety of brands. Cloth Diapering is the same - you have your standard old school cloth diapers (now called pre-folds), but also pocket diapers, all-in-one's, diaper covers and so much more!

I emailed one Twitter friend, Joanna (blog found here), with a million questions and started to get inspired. I then reached out to a local message board to see if there were any cloth diapering moms out there, and sure enough a couple responded. Honestly, it's a whole new world out there - and a VERY confusing one at that!

Some friends recommended I try a company called "Jillian's Drawers" where I could order a trial pack of a variety of different diapers. This would help me determine what I like best (and what Katie will like best as well). They sent me pre-folds, pocket diapers and all-in-ones.

Katie is sleeping soundly right now in a "pocket diaper" and, assuming there aren't any middle-of-the-night blowouts, all I will have to do is remove the insert, throw it in the wash, put a new insert into the pocket and start again! For now, we'll stick to regular disposable diapers at daycare, with hopes to eventually transition into cloth 7 days/week.


  1. Awesome. I wish I would have gone this route. Baby is 15 months and I'm already feeling like our diapering days are numbered, so I dont' know if a switch now would be cost effective...

  2. Carol, I have wondered if it's too late for me, but I guess not at 7.5 months. I am super excited...just need to take the plunge and start buying some more diapers!