Monday, June 28, 2010

The Foods She Eats

I realized that I probably should be a little better about documenting which foods she eats, which ones she likes and which ones she dislikes.

So far, here is what she has had and the result:

Applesauce (fresh or jarred): Loves
Pears (fresh or jarred): Loves
Bananas (fresh) - Loves; Jarred - Dislikes
Nectarines (fresh) - Likes
Peaches (fresh) - Loves

Peas (frozen/cooked and jarred): Loves
Green beans (frozen/cooked): DESPISES; Jarred - Likes
Yellow Squash (fresh): Likes; frozen: DESPISES
Avocado (fresh): Despises (although I think we are going to try this one again soon)
Carrots (fresh): Likes

As with most babies, she tends to lean towards the fruit more than the veggies. Tonight we introduced meat - she had Turkey and Sweet Potatoes and ate them right up! Tomorrow night: chicken!

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  1. My little one loves avacado...seriously, could eat a whole one at one sitting. They say to keep reintroducing foods and eventually they might take to them. That's what happened to us with Mac-N-Cheese....hated it, now she loves it!