Thursday, February 18, 2010

1500+ miles later...

We are back from our journey up the East Coast to Pennsylvania. After logging over 1500 miles, driving through icy and snowy conditions and trying to entertain a baby for 11.5 hours in the car, we are back safe and sound.

Katie is becoming quite the traveler these days. She has already been to/through 7 states (stopped in each one even if it was briefly), which is quite a bit for a 3-month old. We figured out on the way up North that Katie has already spent 10% of her life in the car on the road - WOW! She visited with a total of 20 people plus 2 babies and even saw snow for the first time - close to 40 inches worth!

We hit one HUGE milestone while we were away - Katie rolled over for the first time (from back to stomach)! If only she could figure out how to get her one arm out from under her, she would've been completely on her belly. Everything we have read states that babies will typically roll from stomach to back first, but go figure our little munchkin did the opposite!

As always, she was a joy to travel with. We are looking forward to the next trip...wherever that may be!

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