Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hospital Tour

We toured Northside Hospital Women's Center this evening. I can honestly say that we were both thoroughly impressed by the facility, the organization, the tour guide and the labor/delivery room. I felt as though we were walking through a hotel the entire time - you'd never know it was a hospital!

This is definitely THE place to have a baby. Neither of us could get over the size of the labor/delivery room. Shoot, they even have hardwood floors and flat screen TV's!

"Ranking first in the nation among community hospitals in the number of babies delivered, with more than 18,000 deliveries in 2004 and receiving the Consumers Choice Award in 2005 for Women's/GYN and Maternity/OB Services." - Northside Hospital Website.

Looking towards the Labor/Delivery Admissions desk:

This is where it is all going to take place:

Smyrna Baby will have his/her fingers and toes counted and warmed up here:

The Northside Hospital Women's Center Atrium:

Smyrna Mama outside of Northside Hospital:

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