Monday, July 20, 2009

Smyrna Baby Loves to Travel!

Pittsburgh, Portland and now Blowing Rock! This baby is getting to see some great sites and some great people! This weekend, Smyrna Baby took a whirlwind journey up North to Blowing Rock, NC to visit with his/her future grandmother and great aunts and great uncle.

While it was a great time, 5 hours in the car (one way) takes a toll on Smyrna Mama. Overall I felt good, despite being exhausted by the time we got back home Sunday afternoon and having my left leg twitch uncontrollably for about an hour while visiting with everyone! The oh-so-fun Charlie Horse made an appearance a few hours later (in the middle of the night), which I should have expected after the twitching episode. But, honestly, it was all well worth the adventure!

Smyrna Mama will rest for the next couple weeks until we head up to another part of North Carolina for one of our last solo getaways before Smyrna Baby makes his/her appearance!

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