Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby poking me!

Smyrna Baby has this new thing - it's not really kicking as much as it is pressing his/her foot/elbow/hand into my side. It is the craziest feeling, as I almost think that if this little one presses hard enough, I may see a body part come popping out of the side of my body! Of course, I love it. I imagine that Smyrna Baby is stretching, trying to get comfortable, and then I benefit from the sensation as well as being able to press in that area and play a game of "Guess that body part"!

I got a little worried on Saturday when I felt little movement, but read over the weekend that often times babies will have 1-2 (or more) days where they do not move. They are going through a growth spurt, and are more or less resting. It was comforting to read nonetheless.

We have an exciting week in store - transition into the 3rd trimester, have the Glucose test and take the Rhogam shot, and fly up North for our first baby shower!

Maybe I should consider getting some sleep given what we have in store over the next several days...

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