Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a ME day!

It's the last one I am probably ever going to get, so I may as well enjoy it! Honestly, I had these big intentions to really go all out, make a big deal about this birthday since it's the last one before I'll become a Mom, and guess what? I've made it about as low-key as possible! I worked (hard I may add), had some delicious Publix birthday cake and spent time with my husband and dog. Honestly, it has been perfect.

I was hoping to have pictures from my birthday celebration (work) to post, but haven't downloaded them yet. They will come at a later time.

I'm off to the doctor tomorrow for a 26-week check up. Keep your fingers crossed this baby is still measuring right on track. With the amount of cake I ate today, I hope it doesn't throw the doctor's off in their calulations (or drive up the scale too much either) :)

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