Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Solo Trip

We took what will be our last "solo" trip (for a long time) this weekend to Highlands, NC. Some friends of ours loaned us their vacation home for a couple of days, and it was just what the doctor ordered! I had a few objectives going into this trip - a) sleep in on Saturday, b) see Dry Falls, c) take a nap, d) spend some time outside. I accomplished all four goals!

We walked around the downtown area of Highlands, ate breakfast at the cutest little joint called Ruka's (both mornings) and dinner at an old Victorian style home, drove to Cashiers, NC (nothing to write home about) and just spent some good quality time together.

Smyrna Baby became rather active over the weekend - especially while we were driving around those curvy mountain roads. We deduced that he/she will LOVE roller coasters later on!

Smyrna Momma keeps on growing - and is looking especially big in this maternity dress!

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