Sunday, August 16, 2009

The (Overwhelming) Essentials

We took our first class this weekend - Baby Essentials. The class description, according to the Northside website is: "Do you have questions about giving your child his first bath, or diapering or feeding your newborn baby? Practice these important parenting skills, while also learning about infant cues and characteristics."

From 9-12 on Saturday, we sat amongst 4 other (nervous)couples where we learned everything from how to swaddle a baby, various ways to soothe the baby, how to put a diaper on a baby, how to properly hold and pass the baby and even how to give a newborn a bath.

Midway through the class, we were allowed to step out for our first restroom break. Well, I broke what was apparently the biggest cardinal rule: don't leave the baby in the room by itself while leaving the room! I practically got my hand slapped (what's the deal this week?) because I actually contemplated leaving a babydoll (not a real-life baby). I tried to make a point to let the instructor know I wouldn't do that in real life, but only proceeded to get a disappointed look. So, I picked up my fake baby and properly carried him/her to the restroom while I waited for my husband to take over baby duty! I had memories flooding back from high school where we had to carry around a baby doll for 24 hours...or, maybe it was an egg? Anyway...

Not too long after "the incident", I had a total "oh shit" moment where I seriously wondered what the heck we have gotten ourselves into. It had nothing to do with almost leaving the baby on its own, but more to do with the amount of information we were being given (this is how you hold the bottle; don't use a bumper pad - it can cause SIDS; be sure to use a ceiling fan - if you don't it can cause SIDS, etc).

But, by late yesterday afternoon, I was starting to feel better and kept telling myself that people do this every single day, so there is no reason why we can't either!

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