Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing Pains

I've had a couple rough days - probably the only two days in the past few months in which I have not felt 150%. After walking our dog for 4-5 miles on Sunday, I started to cramp up late in the day and it lingered for a couple hours. Monday morning I was fine, but by late in the day I felt miserable. The area right around my belly button was so cramped up, and I found the only way to fix the problem was to lay on the couch (and watch my guilty pleasure - The Bachelorette).

I talked to a couple friends about this yesterday, and they said more than likely I am experiencing "growing pains". Sure enough, after I talked to them, I read an article that stated right around 16 weeks, I may start to have some cramping, which is a result of the baby starting a very big growth spurt.

With this being my first pregnancy, it's so hard to know what symptoms are OK and which ones are not. Regardless, I feel 1,000 times better knowing that everything is just fine and Smyrna Baby is probably just in there growing and growing.

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