Monday, April 12, 2010

5 Months Ago Today...

Dear Katie,

5 months ago, at this very moment, we were in the hospital room looking at you, holding you, and trying to grasp the idea that you were finally in our lives. I was exhausted after having a ton of IV fluid pumped into my body, as well as getting an epidural, and then surgery to bring you into the world. Don't forget even just the flood of emotions we were experiencing.

In so many ways, I can remember these moments as if they were yesterday, but in other ways, it feels as though you have always been here. So many people told me this would happen, but I never believed them until now. Your Dad and I asked each other a couple times over the weekend how is it possible that you have been alive for 5 full months. 5 MONTHS! Almost half of a year! It's honestly crazy.

It seems like yesterday you would spend most of your day sleeping/laying in our arms, and these days you are the happiest being active. You love to lay on your mat kicking, spending time on your tummy and looking at your fingers and toes. Just recently you have started to grab a hold of your feet, although you don't look at them as much as you do your hands. You LOVE to be taken on walks...we love to stroll you around the neighborhood, take you to the Silver Comet Trail and even the Chattahoochee River Trail. This weekend, we introduced you to a "jumperoo", but you haven't quite mastered the concept of jumping. I am sure, before we know it, this is all you will want to do!

You are now eating oatmeal in the evening - an upgrade from rice cereal - and seem to like it. Soon, we are going to start moving in the direction of you eating oatmeal two times/day - hopefully by next week. You're still getting breast milk throughout the day, primarily from me pumping and, according to your teachers, have started to hold your own bottle.

We love to try to find different ways to make you laugh, and we've definitely learned we can't do the same trick more than once! You get tired of our tricks pretty quick, and seem to laugh at the most random things. Tonight, you started laughing just because I laughed...and then you wouldn't stop! It was the perfect way to end your bedtime routine.

Your Daddy and I are looking forward to seeing how much you change/develop over the next month, taking you on adventures and having visits from family and friends. I am sure we are in for many wonderful surprises!

Happy 5 months!



  1. Happy FIVE MONTHS Miss Katie Bug! And I have to say you're looking quite grown up in your pretty dress and fancy footwear. I've been thinking and talking about even more than lately because I get to visit you in just three more days. I love you sweetheart, Nana Sundi

  2. Happy 5 months old Katie! That is so sweet, Erin. Katie is a lucky girl! She should get used to that oatmeal quick being that she had it so much before she was born (o;

    Declan says goo goo ga ga about Katie's photo!




  3. The love shines through, in your words and her sweetness! We're so happy for you and your wonderful family.