Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Busy

Dear Katie,

Mommy has been very busy lately and hasn't been able to find any time to update your blog. It's been a good type of busy, though! This weekend, "Nana" Sundi came to visit you. She hadn't seen you since we drove you down to Orlando when you were 3 months old, so it had been quite some time!

When we picked you up from school on Friday, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes - you were sitting in your favorite bouncy seat and holding your bottle all by yourself!! One of your teachers had told me you like to hold it, but I just assumed you were resting your hands on the bottle - not that you were off on your own, feeding yourself! It was so cute to see, but sort of tugged at my heart strings at the same time.

We had quite an eventful weekend, and as always you were such a doll baby. We took you to lunch over in Grant Park, strolled through a very historic cemetery, took you to church on Sunday (the church ladies thought you were the SWEETEST baby!) and strolled along the Silver Comet Trail.

I had really hoped after a busy weekend you would sleep well last night, but you had other plans for us. For whatever reason, you woke up 3 times last night in hysterics. I'm assuming it's your gums that are bothering you, but I could be wrong. Needless to say, with me not being able to sleep and you waking up way too many times, your Mother is tired tonight. 2 hours of sleep is not enough for your Mama!

So, tonight, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you sleep...but given that you fell asleep after only 3 ounces of your 7 ounce bottle, I have a feeling it will be another long night. But, that's part of being a Mother isn't it? ;)


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