Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dear Katie,

After waking up a second morning in a row with a raspy voice, I decided it was time to call the doctor and get you in for an appointment. Thankfully, your primary pediatrician was available to see you (I love her) right away. When we arrived, she saw us coming down the hall and immediately had a look of "oh no" on her face - she knew you weren't due to come back in for a visit since you were just there for your 4-month check-up!

I took you into Room #6 (our standard room), and told the sweet nurse what had been going on with you over the past 3 days. She listened to your chest and heard quite a bit of congestion. This prompted her to take your pulse and measure your oxygen levels - something I have never seen them do before. While a little alarming, I knew that everything would be fine. Thankfully, your levels were at 97% (out of 100%)- PHEW! That was a very good sign!

When Dr. Wolfe came into the room, I re-explained what I had just told the nurse. She listened to your breathing and agreed that there was quite a bit of congestion. She asked me if there was any possibility that you had inhaled a "foreign object", and I said that I didn't think so. While I know everything you put into your mouth at home, I don't necessarily know what goes on at daycare! I asked her if she thought this is what the problem was, and thankfully she said no, but it was a standard question whenever there is this level of congestion.

As if you knew what was going on, you let out a very loud cough right on cue - immediately the congestion cleared up for a bit. While I know you didn't do this on purpose, I still want to say thank you! You immediately relieved the doctor's mind that anything was inhaled and she was able to diagnose the problem.

You have or had the croup! Many of my friends said a couple days ago they thought this was the problem after you had the "barking" cough, but I didn't think it would go away so quickly. It turns out the cough is just one symptom of this virus, and the raspy voice is what really gave it away to the doctor.

She told me she thought you were over the hump and now on the mend, although your cough will probably linger for a couple weeks. Luckily, because I waited to take you in, she did not want to put you on any form of medications. FYI: Your Daddy and I are not fans of you taking medications when they aren't necessary!!!

The doctor reassured me we are doing everything right in terms of taking care of you/treating this virus and to just be patient - it will go away soon!

It has been quite obvious you haven't felt well given your overall demeanor. You aren't your constant cheerful self, which I miss (especially on my one day off with you!), but I know it's only temporary. Hopefully by tomorrow, my happy baby will be back!

Your Daddy and I took you and the dog out for a nice walk on the Silver Comet Trail tonight and that seemed to cheer you up quite a bit...that and a nice dinner (milk) when we got home! :)

Please get some rest tonight and feel better.

We love you!


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