Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday's

Dear Katie,

Today we had, yet, another "Wonderful Wednesday" together. The only difference, this time we got to play with Grandma Carole and your Great Aunt Sandy! As always, you were the absolutely perfect baby. You woke up in the BEST mood, smiling like crazy. You played on your activity mat, kicking around, playing and shaking all of the toys and even spent some time in your jumperoo. We finally had to take you out of there, after you started to get very upset that one of the toys, attached to the tray, wouldn't fit into your mouth!

Around lunchtime, we took you over to Aunt Sandy's, picked her up and then went to a new restaurant in the Brookhaven area. As we were wrapping up lunch, the waiter came over to tell us how amazed he was at how well behaved you were! He said that most babies your age are usually not interested in sitting in a restaurant, but you were so good! That's my girl! :) I'm sure it means that we are in for it pretty soon.

This afternoon, we took you to the Chattahoochee River for a nice 3-mile walk. As always, you just looked around, kicked your feet and eventually took a nap.

We only have a few more Wednesday's together, so I am looking forward to planning some very fun adventures for us over the next few weeks!

Sleep well, sweet pea!


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  1. Maybe next year we can walk with you! Can't wait :)