Monday, April 5, 2010

First Day of School: Take 2

Dear Katie,

Wow, honey, today you had a BIG day! Today was the first day at your new school! I'm not sure about you, but I am very happy that you are at this school/daycare as opposed to where you have been for the past few weeks. Daddy and I felt it made more sense to have you closer to home in the event that either a) I have plans after work or b) I am sick and am unable to take you/pick you up. Not to mention, I just like this place so much better than where you were!

I enjoyed meeting your new teachers - Miss Laura and Miss Lucita! I called the school a couple of times today to check in on you and each time I received rave reviews! Both teachers were so impressed by how alert you are and LOVED that you are such a cuddler! When I picked you up, I had a note stating how they spent the day getting to know you and gave you lots of hugs! That made Mommy very, very happy to hear.

Last night you had a rough seems as though this cold (or allergies?) is causing you some issues again at night. You woke us up around 2:30 with the most horrendous "barking" cough. Once I picked you up and suctioned out your nose, you were ALL smiles! We were up with you for approximately an hour before you settled back down and I rocked you to sleep. Thankfully, you woke up this morning with just a standard cough, so I ruled out the possibility that you have the croup. Let's just see what happens tonight!

I'm looking forward to your second day at your new school and hope you are too!


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