Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Mornings and an Easter Egg Hunt

Dear Katie,

One of my most favorite moments is when you are waking up for the final time in the morning - typically around 9:00 or 9:30 am. Usually around 8:45, I will start to really watch you on the monitor, waiting for you to come out of a deep sleep. Out of nowhere, you will begin to stir, do a couple stretches and slowly start to open your eyes. I wait for a couple minutes just so I know you are actually awake before I go rushing upstairs to see that bright shining smile of yours. It never fails that as soon as you focus on either me or your daddy, you light up. You literally start to smile from ear-to-ear.

This morning, you did exactly that, and it is the best way I could ask to start my weekend! After you woke up, I fed you and then took you upstairs to get you dressed. Being a nerd that I am, I already had your little outfit picked out - a cute pair of jeans and a onesie that says, "Somebunny loves me!". Why this outfit, you ask? Well, because today you were attending your first Easter egg hunt and I thought a bunny outfit was appropriate!

Some neighbors coordinated this for the toddlers and older kids in the neighborhood, and I decided to take you along so you could get a taste of what you will experience next year. I put you in the Baby Bjorn and showed you off to all of the neighbors - many of which had never seen you before. Everyone thought you were just the cutest thing ever, and you kept showing off your gummy smile to anyone that would come up to you and say hello!

This afternoon, I bought you your Easter basket. I hope you like's white with a purple/white polka dotted ribbon around it. It will match your Easter dress that you will wear tomorrow just perfect!

Daddy and I had a great time with you today. As always, you were in the best mood, giving us smiles and laughs. We're looking forward to celebrating your first Easter tomorrow.


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