Monday, October 19, 2009

Car Seat: Check!

It's official - the car seat has been installed! But, not without cursing, frustration, bitterness and maybe a little talk of "we should trade in the Rav4 because this sucks"! After not understanding the reasoning behind the Rav4 design, we threw in the towel last night after an hour + of attempting to get it installed. It just didn't make sense why we couldn't install the car seat in the middle, and it wasn't until after I called Toyota Headquarters to get some safety information, did we decide tonight we were ready to move forward and finish this piece up.

It's in - and will stay there unoccupied until Smyrna Baby is coming home from the hospital!

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  1. It took David and I a couple of times to get our carseat in as well! I was ready to go to the fire department as I had heard they can put them in. It wasn't until I had my mom come over and help that we got it figured out:-)