Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Protector

I swear, Tungsten knows something I don't. In the 3 years we have had him, I have never seen him follow me around from room-to-room like he has for the past 3 days. It all started with our smoke alarm batteries going out, and chirping for several hours, but now if I get up and go anywhere - upstairs, downstairs, down the hall, to the bathroom, outside, to the couch, to the kitchen, he is by my side at all times. The other morning, he tried to sit in my lap while I did my make-up, and sat on my feet while I stood in the bathroom drying my hair - all while staring at me. I'm not going to lie - it actually makes me feel good thinking that he is protecting me on some level!

The sad thing is that he has no idea what's about to hit him. He's about to go from being #1 in this house to #2. No more constant attention for the Golden. I keep trying to think of ways that I can still give him the same amount of attention that I do now, but I know it's impossible.

The good news is that he is going to have a new friend/family member for the rest of his life, and something tells me that he will love that aspect of what's to come!

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