Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birth Details

Katie is atively resting in Smyrna Daddy's arms while we all watch the Florida-SC game from our hospital room (and, while I snag a few minutes of Internet time)! While I will work on putting Katie's full birth story together, I wanted to give a few details of Katie's birth.

The C-Section started a tad bit later than we had planned because the epidural took longer to kick in than the doctors expected. I was wheeled into the O.R. at 1:20 where the nurses finished prepping/sterilizing the room and transferred me from the pre-op bed to the operating table. Brad was asked to stay in the hallway during this time, but we were reunited a short while later once they were ready to get the show on the road!

I had the most incredible nurse standing by the top of my head, walking me through every step of the procedure, getting me to take deep meditating breaths, and acting as an amazing support person for both Brad and I.

Before I knew it, the incision had been made and I was told that I would start to feel quite a bit of pressure as they pulled Katie from the inside of my body. They weren't joking either! My body was rocked back and forth, and even lifted off the table, as they tried to pry her out of what was apparently a very small space. I remember the nurse asking Brad to stand up if he wanted pictures of this incredible/miraculous moment, and to be prepared because our baby was going to be here any second.

The nurse told me the feet were out, and about 5-10 seconds later she told me the butt was out, but she couldn't see what the sex of the baby was. And, then, a moment that surprised us all - Dr. Dodder announced very happily that we had a baby girl!! As the both of us were sobbing, the nurse told me that she always knew it was a girl because she could tell Katie was "dancing" inside of me!

All of this happened in less than 6 minutes - from the time of the incision to the time she was born. 1:27 pm to 1:33 p.m.

The doctor quickly whisked her to the back of the room, where she was placed under a heat lamp and received her APGAR test. Katie scored an 8 at the 1-minute test and a 9at the 5-minute test (on a scale of 1-10). Perfect.

A short while later, Brad, Katie and some nurses went down the hall to the Post Op Recovery room where she was weighed, measured and bathed. Smyrna Baby Katie weighed 7lbs, 13 oz, was 20 1/4 inches long and had a 13" head! Brad was told she had the size of a head of a 10-lb baby, but thankfully she is extremely proportionate!

I was stiched and stapled up, moved into recovery, and not reunited with Brad and Katie until just before 3:00 in the afternoon. This moment was one that will forever be burned into my memory - absolutely incredible! The nurse asked if we wnated to have some "skin-to-skin" contact, which of course I jumped at the opportunity to do and asked if I could breast feed right away. Katie knew EXACTLY what to do -latched right on and went to town for about 10-15 minutes - perfect for her first feeding!

At approximately 4:00, we were moved out of recovery and upstairs to Room 572 - a corner room with 4 windows and an incredible view - to begin what will end up being a 5 day/4 night stay! 10-15 minutes later, Katie was introduced to her Grandmother Carole and Aunt Amber, and the sob fest started all over again!

We have spent the past couple days enjoying our time with Katie, learning to breastfeed, resting and recovering. To say the past 3 days have been perfect would not be doing it justice. I feel outstanding, especially given that I had my stomach cut open just over 48 hours ago, and am enjoying every second of this time with Katie, Brad, Carole and Amber.

While I am looking forward to going home and starting this next chapter in our lives, I am going to miss having people wait on me hand and foot!

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  1. Hello Sweetie Pie and thanks for the update. We had all kinds of questions, which you answered. Keep feeling better and giving little Katie lots of milk.

    Love from GaGa