Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Katie - 45 Hours Old

Well, as you all know, she is here! Of course, I had all intentions of blogging last night before bed, but between company, lactation consultation, constant feedings and pure exhaustion, I never got around to it. I realized I needed to prioritize and let sleep take over as opposed to my internet communication addiction!

As we enter into Day 2, Katie is an absolute angel. She only cries when she needs something and that seems to be to only let us know she hates getting her diaper changed! She is breastfeeding just fine, and both Smyrna Mom and Dad are getting into a good routine. As I write, she is laying all snuggled up in her hospital crib, staring at me type away!

Smyrna Mama is feeling pretty well - definitely 1,000 times better than last night. After c-sections, apparently you get really, really bad gas that travels through your system and if you can't/don't pass it, lets just say it gets VERY uncomfortable!! Needless to say, I have just had my 2nd cup of warm prune juice and am also drinking some warm chicken broth to help with my comfort level.

Katie and I have had a nice morning just the two of us - she ate while I ate, she slept in my arms for a little while, and I just got to change her diaper for the very first time! Thankfully she only blessed me with a little pee pee, unlike the surprises she has been leaving for her dad!

Not sure when I will head home from the hospital - right now I am very content staying here, getting the rest and the help I need. Recovery is definitely harder than I expected.

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